To apply for a loan of your choice, please fill in the online application form. The detailed form will let me assess your financial situation and help come up with the best mortgage solution for your needs.


A mortgage associate’s role is to receive the borrower’s application, consider the particular circumstances and recommend the best product suited to the borrowers needs based on the products available to the mortgage associate. A mortgage associate cannot always provide the lowest rate or best terms in the marketplace as the rate is directly linked with the employment and credit history of the borrower as well as the type of product offered to the borrower.

NATURE OF RELATIONSHIP I/We hereby acknowledge that SKY FINANCIAL CORPORATION is independently owned and operates The Mortgage Centre Franchise. The Brokerage/Mortgage Associate shall submit this application to the Mortgage Market, in doing so he/she will act as an intermediary between the borrower and the lenders who have authorized the mortgage associate to offer their mortgage products to the borrowers. In this service relationship, the mortgage associate has been authorized to offer mortgage products from one or more lenders to borrowers who are seeking a mortgage. If this application is declined on The Mortgage Market, I authorize the Mortgage Associate to submit this application to the lender or lenders whom he deems suitable for the type of financing requested and I/We further agree to execute any application or documents required in order to fulfill the financing.

The Mortgage Centre/ The Mortgage Associate deals with the Banks, Trust companies, Finance companies and private investors and will vary from time to time depending on the borrower financial needs. The Mortgage Centre or the Mortgage Associate is not employed by any lender. The Mortgage Associate will/may be compensated for this mortgage transaction by way of commission depending on the length of the term or the amount of the mortgage, ranging anywhere between 50 bps to 125 bps. The Mortgage Associate will also receive additional income from a volume bonus generated by The Mortgage Centre as a whole entity. Sky Financial Corporation operating as The Mortgage Centre does not guarantee the funding of any commitment accepted by the client on the client’s behalf.

The Mortgage Associate WILL also receive from time to time, gifts, business expense account or additional perks depending on lender. The borrower will be responsible for fees in this mortgage transaction such as; legal fees, Appraisal fees and cost of home inspection or at times, a broker fee may be charged and disclosed to the borrower at the beginning of the mortgage transaction and collected once the transaction is complete. As a Mortgage Associate, I will not be paying a referral fee to others (e.g.: Realtors, financial planners) from my commissions for this mortgage referral unless otherwise mentioned.

The undersigned acknowledges that the Mortgage Associate and Brokerage Company have to comply with the Privacy Act and shall not release any information about myself for other purposes than applying for a Mortgage unless I have given you consent. You are hereby authorized to pull a credit bureau after the completion of this online mortgage application for the purpose of obtaining financing. “Sky Financial Corporation O/A The Mortgage Centre” has no obligation to locate a lender and no responsibility or liability for any acts or omissions by any lender. I further agree to forever release and discharge Sky Financial Corporation from any claim which may have resulted from the loan not being advanced on time/canceled by the lender or fluctuations in the market either before or after my application is submitted.


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