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How Can I invest in the Canadian Real Estate?

How Can I Invest in the Canadian Real Estate Market? Before deciding that you are going to invest in real estate it is vital to do your research, particularly when it comes to funding and mortgages. Taking out additional mortgages as a way to buy investment properties can be tricky - especially when so many [...]

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Pay less tax on rental properties

Q: I have five rental properties in my name. Should I switch them to a numbered company? –Travis A: Hi, Travis. Incorporating a holding company to own rental properties has some advantages and disadvantages depending on the objectives you have in mind in both the short and long term. However, you should first speak with a [...]

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Multi-Family Housing Makes Dollars and 6 Kinds of Sense For Investors

Single-family home prices is on the rise again, yet incremental increases such as we are now seeing merely keep step with the economy, presenting no real threat to your investment plan nor a compelling reason to curtail your commercial real estate activities as a residential property investor. Nonetheless, in general- perhaps especially in times of [...]

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