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Canada’s Housing Market: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Canada’s Housing Market: Slow and Steady Wins the Race Following the federal government’s latest mortgage requirements, the Canadian housing market has seen a dramatic downturn in sales. Over the past few months, cities such as Barrie, Toronto, and Vancouver have gone from having houses sell within 24 hours to houses sitting for weeks - in [...]

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Mortgage News – Condo buyers feel the pinch

Condo buyers feel the pinch Tightened lending guidelines are particularly affecting one type of homebuyer in major cities, according to one broker. “In my marketplace … we are surrounded by so many condos, and a lot of our clients trying to purchase with bad credit are having a tough time,” said Phil Edwards, “They put [...]

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Canada’s condo market to dodge hard landing as population, job gains drive demand: study A contractor walks along the outer edge of a condominium under construction in downtown Vancouver. Ben Nelms/Bloomberg If you are sitting on the sidelines hoping for the condo market to crash, the Conference Board of Canada says you’ll have to wait. [...]

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Housing market calming, Condo Report

Bank of Montreal economics published a Special Report last week on the Canadian housing market which seems to provide ample evidence that markets really are in the process of achieving the much sought  after “soft landing” after federal policy makers took steps to cool the market last summer. The bank also predicts that the soft [...]

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