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Find out how To Pay Off your mortgage sooner

Find out how To Pay Off your mortgage sooner   Paying Off Your Mortgage sooner Having a residence may be incredibly costly depending on where you live. Most homeowners need to take out a mortgage to finance the purchase of their real estate investment in case they're not able to buy it outright. Though mortgages [...]

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Canada’s Housing Market: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Canada’s Housing Market: Slow and Steady Wins the Race Following the federal government’s latest mortgage requirements, the Canadian housing market has seen a dramatic downturn in sales. Over the past few months, cities such as Barrie, Toronto, and Vancouver have gone from having houses sell within 24 hours to houses sitting for weeks - in [...]

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Your mortgage is about to get more expensive

The Bank of Canada raised its benchmark interest rate to 1.25 per cent Wednesday and signaled that, barring certain risks, more hikes are likely in the rest of the year. That’s creating an unusual situation for Canadians: for the first time in years, those renewing mortgages will be faced with higher rates and an increase in [...]

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What you need to know before buying a home

Many first-time home buyers are surprised to discover just how many ways you can mess up the home financing when buying a home. You may received your pre-approval, found a home you loved and made an offer. But if you want to avoid messing up the transaction, you will need to be extremely careful until the sale [...]

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Sky Financial Corporation Helps Consolidate Debt Even With Bad Credit

Finding the best debt relief solution is not always a simple task for consumers who are far behind in their mortgage and credit card payments. The key to a successful financial solution is to understand your options.   Sky Financial Corporation allows holders of private loans to manage repayment by combining their eligible loans into [...]

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Mortgage News – Condo buyers feel the pinch

Condo buyers feel the pinch Tightened lending guidelines are particularly affecting one type of homebuyer in major cities, according to one broker. “In my marketplace … we are surrounded by so many condos, and a lot of our clients trying to purchase with bad credit are having a tough time,” said Phil Edwards, “They put [...]

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Mortgage Newsletter

CMHC cutbacks announced The budget announcement quietly slipped in changes to government-backed mortgage insurance, including reductions to the amount of new guarantees CMHC will provide. “The Government continues to adjust the housing finance framework to restrain the growth of taxpayer-backed mortgage insurance and securitization,” the budget report states. “These measures will support the stability of [...]

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How to Get a Mortgage With Bad Credit

You had a few financial setbacks when life’s speed bumps tripped you up, but now you’re on the right path and are ready to take the leap into home ownership. The only problem is: you’re not sure if your pesky credit history is going to prevent a lender from giving you a mortgage loan. The [...]

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Before selling your home

Before you start making repairs, before selling your home or marking dates on your calendar for an open house, it's smart to prepare a home selling plan. Of course, you want top dollar, but you could make costly home selling mistakes along the way if your enthusiasm for quickly selling causes you to run out [...]

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