Mortgage Tips

Mortgage Tips

Mortgages for the Self-Employed

In the past, getting a mortgage was relatively easy for self-employed people. However, recent changes on laws governing mortgages has made it more difficult for self-employed individuals to access mortgages even though they may have a higher median net worth than paid employees. Below are some issues self-employed individuals might face when applying for a [...]

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What You Need to Know about Mortgage Refinancing

There are several advantages to mortgage refinancing. Whether you are going through financial hardship and need extra money or simply want to take advantage of lower interest rates, refinancing your mortgage can help. If you are approved for a lower interest rate or switch from an adjustable rate to a fixed one, the savings can [...]

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Renewing a Mortgage

At some point, the term of your mortgage will come to maturity and you will have to decide between renewing your mortgage with the same lender or refinancing with a different lender. Prior to the maturity date, the lender will generally send you a notice advising you that you will be offered a renewal and [...]

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The Advantages of Using a Mortgage Broker

A mortgage is the largest and most complicated investment that most people will make in their lifetime. Given the number of mortgage products and lenders available, it can be difficult to try and navigate through the maze of mortgage options. Hiring a mortgagebroker has many advantages. A competent mortgage broker will help you meet your [...]

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Pay off your mortgage early

Let the financial dust settle and relax, then think about what options you have to improve and shrink your long-term debt from the mortgage Everyone wants us to be in debt. Shops want you to take on debt so you will buy more stuff, banks want you in debt for the interest they receive from [...]

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Is refinancing right for you?

There are numerous reasons why homeowners choose to refinance their mortgages - everything from debt consolidation to freeing up money for their child's education to using their home equity to buy another property. But the most popular reason for refinancing at this time of year is for holiday gift buying and entertainment. Planning ahead really [...]

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Canadian Mortgage Rules

Changing regulations in Canada’s mortgage market Since 2008, the federal government has made several changes to the rules for mortgages insured through the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and other private sector mortgage insurance providers. These rules affect home buyers with less than a 20 per cent down payment and these changes will impact [...]

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Reduce mortgage penalties

A few quick tips to reduce mortgage penalties. You bought your house a few years ago at an interest rate of 5%.  Now everywhere you look banks and credit unions are offering rates of 3% and below on fixed-rate mortgages. You’ve decided it’s time to get a better deal, but when you speak to your [...]

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The Importance of Choosing The Best Mortgage Term

Choosing the mortgage term that's right for you can be a challenging proposition for even the savviest of homebuyers, as terms typically range from six months up to 10 years. By understanding mortgage terms and what they mean in dollars and sense, you can save the most money and choose the term that is best [...]

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