Credit Score

Credit Score

Advice for credit challenged clients

In today’s economic climate of tighter credit requirements and increased unemployment rates taking their toll on some Canadians, there’s no doubt that many people may not fit into the traditional banks’ financing boxes as easily as they may have just a year ago. Your best solution is to consult your mortgage agent to determine whether your [...]

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Tips to improve your credit rating

Improve Your Credit Score In Canada, your credit score plays a major role in your financial health, influencing everything from your mortgage rate and insurance rates to the interest rates you’ll be able to get on a credit card or car loan. Your credit score may even be considered when you apply for a job! [...]

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My credit score is 788: What does it mean?

A good credit score is important if you plan to borrow money because it means you’ll qualify for lower interest rates on loans and have access to a variety of credit offers. Your credit score indicates the risk you represent for lenders when compared to other consumers.  Higher scores are viewed more favorably.  The two [...]

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My better-than-expected credit score

I decided to get copies of my credit reports and my credit scores because my husband and I will soon be applying for a much bigger mortgage.  I’m glad that I did. It was easy, and the reports from TransUnion and Equifax Canada were very positive – despite my massive line of credit debt.  Your [...]

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How is your Credit score calculated

Many people often talk about wanting to increase their credit scores. Some will pay off their credit cards in full every month, others will choose not to use their credit at all. Before we can go about trying to increase our credit rating, we must first understand how Debt is calculated. 5 Main Criteria For [...]

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