Sky Financial Corporation Helps Consolidate Debt Even With Bad Credit

Finding the best debt relief solution is not always a simple task for consumers who are far behind in their mortgage and credit card payments. The key to a successful financial solution is to understand your options.   Sky Financial Corporation allows holders of private loans to manage repayment by combining their eligible loans into [...]

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Pay off your mortgage early

Let the financial dust settle and relax, then think about what options you have to improve and shrink your long-term debt from the mortgage Everyone wants us to be in debt. Shops want you to take on debt so you will buy more stuff, banks want you in debt for the interest they receive from [...]

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Canadians Comfortable with their Debt

According to a new poll from RBC, when it comes to debt, most Canadians are not just keeping up with the Joneses; they feel that they  are setting the standard for them. “Three-quarters of Canadians (75 per cent) feel they are in better shape with their non-mortgage debt than their friends and neighbours and more [...]

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