home purchase

home purchase

10 Great reasons to use a Mortgage Broker

1. Get independent advice on your financial option As Independent Mortgage Brokers and Mortgage Associates, we're not tied to any one lender or range of products. Our goal is to help you successfully finance your home or property. We'll start by getting to know you and your homeownership goals. We'll make a recommendation, drawing from [...]

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Mortgages for Self-employed could become more difficult.

  Mortgage brokers are taking a wait, watch and worry approach to news that CIBC’s wholesale mortgage arm, FirstLine, is no longer accepting new applications from so-called “stated-income” homebuyers. If other banks and mortgage lenders follow suit, it could become difficult for self-employed, new immigrants and higher-risk borrowers to get mortgages based on the “misleading” [...]

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Credit bureau explained

      Your Canadian Credit Bureau report provides crucial infromation in your quest for the best mortgage product and rate in Canada. The primary source of information that the bank has on you is from this report. You need to know how to find the potential problems before the bank so you can be prepared for their questions. This [...]

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Home Purchase with Renovation

Many lenders receive calls and emails from Mortgage Brokers about the  purchase plus improvements program this year as Alberta is leading the country on a national basis for the amount of money spent on home renovations. Definition Purchase Plus Improvements : When a client is purchasing a home and wants to add cosmetic changes through a renovation [...]

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