Jim Flaherty

Jim Flaherty

Jim Flaherty Receptive to the idea of ending CMHC

The International Monetary Fund recently suggested that Canada should consider winding down government backing of mortgages — and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is sounding receptive to the idea. Ending or limiting the activities of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp., the government-run mortgage insurer, would certainly rock the country’s real estate business to the core, as [...]

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Flaherty charges CMHC new risk fee on mortgages

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is taking another step to curb taxpayers’ exposure to the housing market, by charging Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. a new risk fee. As of Jan. 1, the Crown corporation will have to pay the government a fee equivalent to 3.25 per cent of the mortgage insurance premiums it writes and [...]

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Mortgage Brokers giving a failing grade to the federal goverment

Despite the fact that the recent federal budget left mortgage regulations untouched, are brokers satisfied with how the government has handled the mortgage market? This is just one of topics being covered by CMP’s annual Broker Sentiment Pol, proudly sponsored by Broker's Choice. With just one week left to complete the survey, brokers are already making [...]

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