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Canada’s Housing Market: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Canada’s Housing Market: Slow and Steady Wins the Race Following the federal government’s latest mortgage requirements, the Canadian housing market has seen a dramatic downturn in sales. Over the past few months, cities such as Barrie, Toronto, and Vancouver have gone from having houses sell within 24 hours to houses sitting for weeks - in [...]

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Advice for credit challenged clients

In today’s economic climate of tighter credit requirements and increased unemployment rates taking their toll on some Canadians, there’s no doubt that many people may not fit into the traditional banks’ financing boxes as easily as they may have just a year ago. Your best solution is to consult your mortgage agent to determine whether your [...]

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Thirty-year Mortgages

Canada’s banking regulator is still monitoring 30-year mortgages, the head of Canada’s financial regulator told a conference of mortgage brokers in Toronto on Monday. In recent years there has been a shift in the marketplace, with lenders offering more 30-year amortizations, and that’s something that the regulator is studying, Julie Dickson, the head of the [...]

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CMHC Mortgage default Insurance

No one wants to inflate a housing bubble by encouraging folks who can’t afford the debt to buy. But many creditworthy first-time homebuyers are paying much more than they should have to for a significant portion of their housing purchase. When it comes to mortgage default insurance, Canadians get little choice and sky high prices, [...]

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Pay off your mortgage early

Let the financial dust settle and relax, then think about what options you have to improve and shrink your long-term debt from the mortgage Everyone wants us to be in debt. Shops want you to take on debt so you will buy more stuff, banks want you in debt for the interest they receive from [...]

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Home Purchase with Renovation

Many lenders receive calls and emails from Mortgage Brokers about the  purchase plus improvements program this year as Alberta is leading the country on a national basis for the amount of money spent on home renovations. Definition Purchase Plus Improvements : When a client is purchasing a home and wants to add cosmetic changes through a renovation [...]

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